Sunday, May 1, 2011

Recent Activity

It has been an interesting week as I've been getting familiar with the arts community. Of the three sites I joined when starting this blog, it is the one that sees the most activity - at least in my experience so far.

I don't know how that translates into sales for the artists, but the atmosphere is a very supportive and inspiring community of so many talented artists from all around the globe. I've been blown away by the fantastic art and photography I've seen there. If you visit my profile at, you can view my 'favorites' tab to get a glimpse of some of the amazing artwork on the site.

It is really cool to be featured and that helps a lot to get your art seen since there is so much really fine stuff being submitted all the time into the groups. Some of the groups change featured work frequently, others not as often.  Since being on the site, my drawing of Bono has been featured a total of five times now and has had the most views, 'Cereal In Spoon With Milk' and 'Tillie' have both been featured twice and I uploaded this oil painting of John Lennon on Friday which got it's first feature today in this group:

John Lennon painting artwork

Or link to the painting:

It has taken a lot of time setting accounts up for all three sites and I have found my focus to be mostly on Red Bubble after the initial set up on each.  As only a free member at Fine Art America and Image Kind, my submitted art gets buried under so much other artwork that unless I upgrade my accounts, it doesn't get preferred listing in the internal search engines so it is much harder to get views.  I may upgrade my accounts as I move forward, but I am still in the process of getting organized and managing what I need to take care of first in order to do so.  I'm just about ready to start creating new... yeah! :)