Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Golf Ball and Tee Drawing For Dad

My father just celebrated his 80+? birthday (any time I ask, the answer is always 29 - which I know is impossible, but I let him think I believe - lol).  Golf is one of his favorite activities and he still plays often so I decided to draw this golf ball and tee for him.

I discovered drawing a golf ball is a lot harder than I originally thought - those little craters are very specific and about half way through I began to regret not mapping the ball out more accurately first instead of just eyeballing it.  Oh well, lesson learned for the next one and I'm happy enough with the way this turned out regardless :)

I glass framed the original drawing adding a dark green matte which cropped the sky and grass down to frame the ball and tee nicely and signed it for the occasion, but forgot to photograph it - doh!.  Here it is after scanning and maybe I will add a photo of the framed image to this post later.  

Color pencil drawing of golf ball and tee

One of the groups on Red Bubble is hosting a Father's Day card challenge so I added lettering in Photoshop and entered it.  I don't know how well it will do in the challenge, but I do know that golf has been synonymous with my father in my mind for as long as I can remember. I love you dad! xo

Original Father's Day color pencil drawing

Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Features and A Contest Win for 'John Lennon'!

It is very affirming and inspiring to have any of my art featured, so I was especially thrilled to find BOTH of my flower pencil drawings featured together on the front page of this group Quality Art and Photography on Red Bubble!  Pencil Dahlia has been featured 4 times in the past two days and Pencil Rose has been featured twice, so I must be doing something right with those color pencils lol!

On Fine Art America I received a comment on my John Lennon painting congratulating me for a contest win.  Lol, I don't think I would have even known if not for reading it there!

The contest was called "Musician Art".  Here is the link to the leader page where you can view the placements of all the art that was submitted (some wonderful stuff!) My painting tied with two others for the top three placements.

Both RB and FAA have several challenges or contests where you can submit artwork that fits with a particular theme created by the group or host.  When any of my art fits the criteria I'll usually enter it.  On RB it is easy to keep track of them all because they appear in the default feed, but on FAA, the only way (that I've found so far) is to go to the contest and look at the tab for your own submission.  Maybe it was in a feed somewhere and I missed it, I don't know for sure, but I was completely surprised and delighted!

RB has been very active in the past couple of weeks, 'Bono' got another feature on May 29, 'Two Tulips' got it's first May 15, 'Boats In Sunlight' received four more, including a permanent feature page here: The Alphabet Marathon on May 19.

Two of my photos have been featured; 'View From Mayne Island' got it's first on May 22 and 'Poppy Close Up' on May 26 and 27th.  It also came in second place in a RB contest redbubble.com/poppies-and-orchids-challenge.

I think that about covers it for now...  back to the drawing board!