Saturday, October 5, 2013

#DRAWtoberfest Begins With A Kiss

October has begun and the creativity from artists on Twitter continues to awe and inspire. If you haven't already, check out the hash tags #DRAWtoberfest #thedailysketch, #printoctober and #draw2live

I finally got around to drawing a piece to submit for the first week's theme for #DRAWtoberfest which was entitled "The Kiss". The first thing I thought about drawing was the kiss of a dog, so went on an internet search for a photo to draw. I found many with people being the recipient of the kiss, but the photos I liked best were all dogs kissing other dogs or cats - then I came across this one lol:

dog kissing cat photo

I don't know who to credit for this wonderful photo, but just love the expression on the cat's face and the far off, dreamy look in the dog's eye, so decided to give it a go. I started working on it just after dinner and wanted to submit it last night before the weekend when the theme would be changing, so it was a quick drawing (for me) and I took a couple of work in progress photos along the way:

First dog kissing cat work in progress pencil drawing

Second Dog Kissing Cat Work In Progress Pencil Drawing

And below is the final drawing - a little rough, but was a fun piece to work on. I quickly realized what is needed in my art supplies are more graphite pencils with varying degrees of softness (used a 2B pencil) and a smudge stick, seeing as a piece of tissue paper is not at all precise while trying to blend shadows:

Final Dog Kissing Cat Pencil Drawing - The Kiss
The Kiss
I may give this one another go for the practice and because I love the subject so much - maybe as a color pencil drawing. The next theme for #DRAWtoberfest is Paris. Not sure what to do for that yet, but there will surely be lots of interesting art by others submitted to be inspired by.

Thanks for reading, have a great Saturday everyone! :)

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